WMS Cloud Migration

These days you can't talk about software without talking about the cloud. But let's get serious, this is enterprise software and even talking about moving to the vendor's SaaS cloud environment evokes impassioned debate. With customers wanting to generally head in the direction of the cloud trend, we find ourselves needing to support this direction without upsetting the balance of implementations and ensuring that scope and dates are met on budget.

The cloud can be a scary place, and despite all the hype, it can take a lot longer for a new shiny environment to come online. There are SLAs to negotiate, all sorts of legal hoops to jump through, and the connectivity problem. We have been looking for a way to ease customers into this world. Change seems to digest better when it comes down the pike iteratively.

With WiredMedium, you make a much smaller initial jump to an Azure cloud-powered WMS environment using traditional proven deployment methods. This sets customers up for an easier more approachable process later when the project migrates to the vendor's SaaS environment. The WiredMedium solutions are inexpensive, reliable, and fast. We can be up and running in a day or two removing initial impediments to kicking off projects.

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