Thursday Afternoon Rodeo

A story as old as time. A new project starts Monday and we don't have what we need to get started. It's 5p Thursday afternoon, and the clock is ticking. We were able to find a consultancy and some engineers in-house to help with the initial analysis, but we know that by mid-Tuesday we're going to be hip deep in those devilish details and need hard answers to tough questions.

It's so hard to have abstract requirements and analysis discussions with The Business or the logistics customer without grounding them in the reality of what's possible with the chosen software toolset. Trying to recount the number of times we've gone through solution design in some sort of "ideal world" scenario without bouncing it against the capabilities of the software would be like counting the stars in the sky. Having an open mind in order to design the best possible solution with ever more creative configuration is essential, but to do that we need an instance. It's much easier to have an incrementally more detailed discussion and arrive at an agreeable set of requirements if we can do mini proof of concepts along the way to know we can deliver and we can prove it to the logistics customer.

Last we left our hero it was 5p Thursday and we've just found an engineer, but alas there's no instance against which we can prepare for next week's analysis session with logistics. In this all too common situation it's a race for IT to stand up just the right version of WMS to get us working and to get everyone access, but how often does that all come together in time to prepare for our 1p start on Monday?

WiredMedium helps to ease this problem by providing an instance in this short time window with the specific version and access required to get started on time. They have a unique ability to stand up these environments very quickly and in such a way that our users, somewhat miraculously, are able to log in and get to work. In the end, IT will own the solution and the deployment, or it will migrate to the software vendor's cloud, and WiredMedium knows this prepares for it and positions you to make those moves.

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