Risk Mitigation

Have you ever seen a WMS implementation go bad? Have you ever worked a 100+ hour week wrangling troublesome warehouse processes? Of course you have, you work in logistics. I get a lot of questions about how to best tackle implementations while mitigating risk. I can't offer you a magic wand. Running a proper implementation is a work of art that requires quite a lot of balance and experience but I do have some advice.

My advice is to mitigate your risk. In short, don't cut your testing phase when timelines shrink. That being a lot harder than it might seem, there are options to improve your chances. Instead of coming to a status meeting 6 weeks out from go live to find out that we have to cut UAT in half and go live with enormous risk, start testing in smaller chunks much sooner. Agile apologists will tell you to work on a certain unit of functionality then test it, then move on or iterate to improve. But what happens when you move on and your next bit of configuration breaks your last?

Software development companies have known for years that you can automate critical tests that need repeated when testing sooner. WiredMedium offers QA automation add-ons for all of its environments to pre-deploy all the tools you need to stay up to speed with your testing from the very first piece of configuration through go-live and well beyond. WiredMedium environments with this add-on leverage the Cycle automated testing engine for packaged software and its Azure native Cycle Appliance as a project's full QA engineering solution in the same inexpensive, reliable, and expeditious manner customers expect.

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